Market development, pricing, sales

  • analyze demand and competition
  • organize sales and licensing to academic libraries and corporate customers in Europe and Middle East
  • pricing, licensing and business models
  • sales and marketing strategy

Secure and grow your business – by use of technoloogy and innovative business models

  • eBooks, eJournals, web TV, databases
  • sales support by online marketing and user research
  • cross over strategies: “print”, “print ond demand”, “online” and “mobile”
  • generate USPs amd market advantages by cooperation (“web 3.0”)

Pathfinding – international contact and cooperation, strategy consulting

  • facilitate contact and cooperation – between companies, industries and countries
  • tecnical cooperation – define mutual expectation and facilitate first contacts
  • market research and contacts between Europe, USA and Middle East
  • define business strategy – make or buy decisions

Stay on top – courses and seminars

  • STM – Intensive Journals Publishing
  • STM – Master Class
  • Innovation
  • Production
  • Books 2.0


I will be happy to provide contact information on request.

… call me: +49 171 3171297


Skype:  joachim.engelland

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